Residents' activity

The residents have been cooperating actively throughout the company's history. The cooperation helps to develop the housing services provided by the company in a way that takes the customers' needs into account. The residents have an opportunity to influence the matters pertaining to their house both in the annual residents' meetings held in each house and by participating in the work of the residents' committee.

Residents' meeting

In the joint management of rental housing, the highest decision-making authority on the residents' side is the residents' meeting. The meeting selects a residents' committee to take care of the practical administrative matters. The residents' meeting is convened at least once per year. Each rented apartment in the building has one vote in the residents' meeting, and the vote may be exercised by a person who resides permanently in the apartment and is aged 18 or over. All permanent residents over 18 qualify for election.

The tasks of the residents' meeting

  • The right to select a residents' committee for a term of office of 1-2 years. The committee is to take care of those tasks of joint management that belong to the residents. Instead of the residents' committee, it is possible to select one elected representative, whose term of office is one year.
  • Right to name candidates to the owner company's administrative board.

Residents' committee

The residents' committee is elected for a term of 1-2 years at a time. The residents' committee decides, among other things, on:

  • the use of the joint recreation and club rooms
  • organizing communal work efforts
  • organizing clubs and other recreational activities
  • other matters designated to be decided by the residents' committee.

Residents' representatives in the company board

When the administrative board of Kiinteistö Oy Pikipruukki is selected, a full member and a deputy member must be selected from among the candidates named by the residents' meetings. This selection is made by joint meetings of the residents' committees. The board member named by the residents has the same rights and obligations as the other members of the board.