Strategy 2017-2020


First choice in Vaasas housing market


Pikipruukki offers rental homes for different situations in life


SECURE: trustworthy, experienced, safe lessor

HIGH-QUALITY: skilled, competent, pleasant living environment

POSITIVE DEVELOPING: focus in training, modern procedures, internal and external communication

ATTENDANT: respect for customers and others work

Strategy Phrase 

Pikipruukkis´ service creates safe living in a pleasant environment.

Business Idea

Pikipruukki offers cozy living for different phases of life and social apartment production in Vaasa according to the will of the owner.

The company executes absorption principle in rental housing, the goal is not to produce commercial profit.

As a responsible employer, the company appreciates employees and leadership. The company invests in education and resident democracy and development of property maintenance as well as takes care of the safety and health of their employees in their work.