Terminating the agreement

The apartment must always be terminated in writing.

The term of notice is one full calendar month, which is calculated starting on the last day of the month in which the termination notice is given.

You can give the termination notice either by filling in a termination notice form and signing it at our office, or by filling the linked termination notice form carefully and delivering it to us either by bringing it in person or sending it by post or fax, or via e-mail as a scanned file attachment.

You can also give a free-form termination notice. Its contents must correspond to the linked termination notice form, and it must be delivered to us in writing and signed, in one of the ways described above.

Please note that the date of the postmark or the fax must be in the month in which you give the termination notice.

If you give a free-form termination notice, please remember to include your telephone number, so that we can reach you when necessary.